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Diary of a Travelling Languages’ student!

“Dear diary, last weekend I went to Connemara with my school of English, it was a fantastic experience, full of visits, sightseeings, new friends and I also spoke a lot in English!!


Westport with local guide

Travelling Languages, organized a weekend with a group of students of mixed nationalities: Italian, German and Spanish, obviously there were also two Irish girls who engaged with us to speak only in English and not in our language. They also helped us to understand the guides when their English was too difficult for us, or when we didn’t know some words.

We left Dublin on Saturday morning, during the travel I watched a film in English on the tablet that the school provides. When we arrived in Westport, we visited the city with a local guide who told us the history of her lovely city.


Kilmore Abbey
After lunch we went to the supermarket to buy some food for dinner. We left Westport immediately after the grocery and we climbed Croagh Patrick. Of course we didn’t reach the top, it was too high and not enough time!

The last visit of the day was at Kylemore Abbey.We entered the castle and walked around the garden with another local guide who explained us the story of the castle and its family.

Finally we arrived in the hostel where I had a big shower in my room. The hostel was in the middle of nowhere close to Connemara National Park.

The menu for dinner was: pasta with tomato sauce and bacon and for dessert pancakes…amazing combo :S
The Italian guys took care of the pasta, the German girls of pancakes and I prepared the table with the Irish girls. While we were waiting for dinner, we decided to sit outside and enjoy the sun that was still shining in the blue sky.
Dinner in Connemara

The pasta was simple and delicious, I really loved it also because it wasn’t too spicy. It’s difficult to make everybody happy when you have a big group like ours, simple decisions are the best in these cases.

We cleaned up the dishes and tided up our mess. Later we went to the bar room, where we spent the rest of the night. Someone plaid pool, someone else spent all night talking and some guys were with me to have a pint outside and enjoy the sunshine. I left the group early, I was too tired to stay up all night with them.

Killary Sheep Farm
The day after we had breakfast almost all together, immediately after we went to a Sheep Farm where we spent all morning with the farmer. He was so funny and kind and explained us how to train dogs to gather all sheep together; we walked a bit on his field while he was explaining his daily routine. Finally he put out few lambs and we petted their wool and we also fed them with some milk from baby bottles…So cute! 🙂
Later we had a quick and good lunch in Clifden before going back to the Connemara National Park. We went there passing through the Sky Road, that is a road which runs along the coast and there are some points where you are in between the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea and you feel like flying. We stopped a lot of times to take photos so we had little time left to walk around the National Park.
At the end of the day we were so exhausted that we all fell asleep on our journey back to Dublin.


I’ll always remember this fantastic experience with Travelling Languages, Ireland has wonderful and breathtaking landscapes which need to be discovered, but I couldn’t improve so much my English on my own or with my friends as I did with their help.
Travelling Languages is my favorite English school on the road!” 

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