English in Dublin and Northern Ireland and Connemara Travelling Programme…let’s talk with Yumehiro

phoenixHi Yumehiro, can you tell us something about yourself?

I’m 20 years old and I come from Japan. I decided to come to Europe because I was very curious about this part of the world that I didn’t know yet. Then I like travelling both alone and with friend. I really like to visit historical buildings because I think that you can find out the story of a nation from its buildings. I’m also interested in sports: in japan I use to play basketball in a team.

What kind of programme are you following?

Currently I’m doing a morning course in Dublin but in May I will begin the Northern Ireland and Connemara travelling programme.

medium-Killary Harbour 12

Why did you choose Ireland?

Firstly because in in Ireland there aren’t many Japanese. And I think that’s important if you want to speak just English. Ireland will be my first stage of a travel around Europe.

medium-Dark Hedges Sunlight
Dark Hedges – Northern Ireland

Why did you choose Travelling Languages?

Because the travelling programme is very attractive for me. I was looking for a school that allows me to travel while studying and discover places I’ve never seen before.  I think doing a travelling course is the best solution for me.

What are the main differences that you noticed between your country and Ireland?

Well…everything looks different to me! In Japan people are on average more shy than the Irish. Here it’s easier to know people:  it seems that everyone wants to talk with you. I’m doing really well with the people. Another thing I noticed is that in Japan we work more hours than in Ireland.

What do you like in Dublin and what you dislike?trinity

As I told you before I like the people and the relaxing atmosphere that you can breathe through the streets. The rhythm of the days is less hectic than in Japan. I don’t like the fact that some parts of the city are really dirty and I have some problem with the weather: you never know how to dress, it’s sunny, then it starts raining, then sunny again and go on like this…

What’s your goal for the future?

I want to travel through Europe first. Afterwards I think I will get back to Japan but… let’s do things step by step. Now my aim is travelling as much as I can.

So, thanks a lot Yumehiro and good luck!!!

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