Southern Western Ireland…let’s talk with Karmela, Oier and Txema!

Hi Karmela, can you tell us something about yourself?

I´m Karmela and I’m from the north of Spain. I´m always ready to face challenges and get along with people very well. And, as you can imagine, travelling to Ireland with my family to improve our English was a big challenge!!!

IMG_20160720_220624Why did you choose Ireland?

My family and I love the experience of travelling, discovering other cultures and having fun together…that’s why I chose Ireland as we usually enjoy a lot watching Irish movies. While travelling we realized that Spanish and Irish people have similar character and lifestyle.

Why did you choose Travelling Languages? 

We looked for information about some English course for families on internet and we wanted to travel through Ireland at the same time. Thanks to Travelling Languages we got it.

So, you decided to join our Southern & Western Ireland language programme. Can you explain what is it exactly?


First, it was the opportunity to immerse ourselves in some of the most amazing Irish cities: we travel from the multi-cultural and lively Dublin to colourful and friendly Galway to the quiet and relaxing Ennis. In the meantime we could admire breathtaking sceneries: Cliffs of Moher, the Burren, West Cork, Dingle peninsula…then it was a way to live Ireland as real traveller and not just a tourist. We realized that in that way, learning English is easier because you can practice it every day…from dawn to dusk!

You travelled with your son and with your husband, so it has been a kind of family holiday. Would you do it again?

Well, it has been a kind of family holiday. We highly recomend it: as I told you before, it´s the best way to learn English properly, meet people, enjoy Ireland and spend free time with your family.

What are the main differences that you noticed between your country and Ireland?

The main difference we noticed between Ireland and Spain is the weather!!! It wasn´t great, but at least it wasn’t cold!

What do you like in Dublin and what you dislike?

We enjoyed Dublin. It´s a lively city and it offers music, pubs, Irish cuisine, beautiful sceneries.

WP_20160718_13_43_01_ProWhat’s your goal for the future?

Who knows what will happen in the future!  We would like to travel to Ireland next summer. Will Travelling Languages organize a trip to North Ireland for famillies? We really hope so.


Thanks a lot Karmela, Oier and Txema and yes…we organize Travelling Programmes to improve your english while travelling through Northern Ireland and Connemara…so, see you soon!!!


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