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Booking Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions governing use of Travelling Languages’ website and the agreement that operates between us and you (the “terms”). These terms set out the rights and obligations of all users (either as individuals or as a group) (“you”/”your”) and those of Travelling Languages (“us”/”our”/ “we”) in relation to the services offered by us through Travelling Languages’ website. Before you click on the “continue” button at the end of the booking process, please carefully read these terms and conditions. By clicking on the “continue” button you are consenting to be bound by these terms and our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to all of the terms and the Privacy Policy, do not click on the “continue” button and leave the website instead.

Admission criteria

Travelling Languages welcomes students from all backgrounds and nationalities.

Students who wish to enrol in a General English Course with Travelling Languages are required to fulfil two conditions:

  • Students must have a pre-existing knowledge of the English language. We do not run courses for beginners.
  • Students must be 16 or over to book as an individual

We run courses at the following levels:

  • A2 – Pre-intermediate
  • B1 – Intermediate
  • B2 – Upper-intermediate
  • C1 – Advanced

We surely have the course for you!


A non refundable deposit of €200 is required to secure your reservation.

Making a Booking

The payment of the remainder in respect of your booking will be required from you within 20 working days, and not later than 30 days prior to the course starting date (whichever comes first). In the case that your booking is within a month from the starting date, you will be required to pay the reminder within 3 working days from the payment of the deposit. Your reservation confirmation will detail what you have already paid for. No contract shall exist until full payment is received and the booking is confirmed. All courses and prices on the website are subject to availability.

In the case of students who require a visa, full fees are required in advance before the letter of acceptance can be issued. Once full payment has been received, Travelling Languages will then issue a Visa support letter. Under new legislation in Ireland all visa requiring students advance funds will be held in a segregated account (Escrow) until your visa is approved and a copy sent to PaytoStudy.


Payment can be made by debit/credit card/Paypal account via Paypal, via PaytoStudy, or via bank transfer to the following details:

Think Ahead Ltd, AIB, Grafton Street Brach, account number: 41711186, Branch code: 93-10-47


IBAN CODE: IE37 AIBK 9310 4741 7111 86

All payments should be notified to Travelling Languages via e-mail quoting your Travelling Languages reference number at the address payment@travellinglanguages.com.

Please be advised a credit card surcharge of 3.5% applies if paying by credit card and/or Paypal.

Cancellations and refunds of travelling programmes

If the starting date of your course is more than 30 days in advance of cancellation, this will incur a cancellation charge of € 200 per booking (non refundable deposit). If the starting date of your course is within 30 and 15 days in advance of cancellation, this will incur the cost of 50% of the booking. If the starting date of your course is between 15 and 7, this will incur the cost of 75% of the booking and if it is within 7 days of cancellation, we regret that no refund will be made.

Travelling Languages reserves the right to cancel a booking forthwith without liability on its part in the event of any cause beyond the control of the school which shall prevent it from performing its obligations in connection with any booking. In such an event Travelling Languages will refund the deposit made but will have no further liability to the students.

Cancellations and refunds of courses in Dublin

If the starting date of your course is more than 30 days in advance of cancellation, this will incur a cancellation charge of € 200 per booking (non refundable deposit). If the starting date of your course is within 30 and 15 days in advance of cancellation, this will incur the cost of 30% of the booking. If the starting date of your course is between 15 and 7, this will incur the cost of 40% of the booking and if it is within 7 days of cancellation, this will incur the cost of 50% of the booking. There is NO refund for any cancellation once the course has commenced. This includes late arrival, early departure, or days missed during the course.

If the course has been rescheduled for any reason once or more, the shorter applicable cancellation policy applies (example: you booked your course 6 months in advance, you postpone it 7 days before starting and finally you cancel it 3 weeks before the new starting date: a 7 days cancellation policy applies).

At least 24 hours is required to cancel an individual lesson without cost. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at the full price of the lesson.

A fee of €200 applies to cancellations due to visa refusal (visa refusal documentation required for refunds). Course fees will be refunded minus this cancellation fee, no later than 20 working days from receipt of the letter of refusal.

If a letter for VISA renewal has been issued we don’t accept cancellation requests.

All accommodation cancellations after arrival are non-refundable.

Requests for refunds must be addressed to info@travellinglanguages.com and will be processed by Rosanna Fiorenza within a maximum of 1 month.

Travelling Languages reserves the right to cancel a course if there is not enough demand for it. In such an event Travelling Languages will refund in full the fees paid.

Amendments By Us

In the unlikely event that we need to amend your reservation, we will confirm this in writing in advance of your arrival. Should you be unhappy with our alternative arrangements we will refund your money in full.

Amendments By You on any programme (it applies to ALL programmes)

Changes made

  • 15 days or more from your arrival will incur an amendment fee of € 150 per booking to cover administration costs
  • Within 15 days of the starting date of the course will incur the 50% of the cost of the booking.

Changes/amendments to bookings made outside of the Cancellation policy period will incur a €150.00 charge per booking.

Punctuality & attendance

Students must be on-time for the commencement of lessons at 9am (or any other agreed time). Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late may be refused admission at the discretion of the teacher. However, students can attend the class after break if they wish to and will be given attendance for the class.

Students have to complete 85% of attendance during their course. Any student who misses classes persistently without a valid reason will result in warnings being issued and may lead to expulsion.

Students who have authorised, documented sick leave/ compassionate leave will be allowed extra classes at the end of their course equal to any classes that they miss, so long as these classes can all be taken within the current study visa (in the case of visa required students).

Absenteeism and expulsion procedures are implemented in a timely manner i.e. the disciplinary action follows immediately after the absenteeism issue has been identified by management. Non-EEA students are not expelled towards the end of their programmes in relation to issues identified at an earlier point in the programme.

Sick leave

In the event that a student falls ill they must immediately contact the school on the first day of sickness and each day subsequently, either via email to info@travellinglanguages.com or via call/text +353 085 7781129.

A student may miss up to two days of lessons uncertified. After three days of absence due to illness that student must present a doctor’s certificate on their first day of return to school. The procedure regarding absenteeism and expulsion is referenced in the requirements as activated in the case of uncertified sick leave beyond the statutory entitlement.

Absenteeism and expulsion

In the case of a student being absent for 3 days, without prior explanation, the school (Director of Studies) will try to make contact with the student by phone or email to seek clarification on the situation. If unsuccessful, a letter/email will be sent to the student within 2 weeks of absence. If the school is unable to make contact with the student or receive good cause for absence then the student will be expelled from the school (by the school Director) within 1 month of the initial absence. Travelling Languages will inform the Garda National Immigration Bureau where non-EEA students are consistently failing to attend class or where students are consistently not making progress.

All standard correspondence as part of this process will be retained and available on request to relevant internal personnel and external authorities. Absenteeism and expulsion procedures are implemented in a timely manner – the disciplinary action follows immediately after the absenteeism issue has been identified by management. (Non-EEA students will not be expelled towards the end of their programmes in relation to issues identified at an earlier point in the programme).

All students are given the opportunity to make up the lessons they missed for a valid reason, but the opportunity is under review of Student Welfare Office.

Holidays and breaks

The school will be closed on the following dates:

  • 17th December 2016 to 8th January 2017 – Christmas and New Year Holidays
  • 17th March – St. Patrick’s Bank Holiday
  • 17th April– Easter Monday
  • 1st May – May Bank Holiday
  • 5th June – June Bank Holiday
  • 7th August – August Bank Holiday
  • 30th October – Halloween Bank Holiday
  • 16th December to 7th January 2018 – Christmas and New Year Holidays

A student is not allowed to take or request a break within the first 8 weeks of any course and he/she needs to complete the 25 week course within a 7-month period.
Unscheduled breaks are not permitted except in the following cases:

  • documented cases of illness
  • close family bereavement

Any request must be submitted to Rosanna Fiorenza (info@travellinglanguages.com). Holidays and breaks for NON-EEAA students must comply with the Department of Justice and Equality’s requirements.

End-of-programme exam entry and recording of grades

Travelling Languages is a TIE and Trinity examination centre and can register students onsite. Students can also be registered for IELTS or Cambridge examinations via the local examination centres in Dublin.

It is mandatory for non-EEAA students to take an examination at the end of their programme. They will be asked to sign an agreement at the beginning of the programme stating they will take an exam at the end of their course, that Travelling Languages will enter them for the appropriate end of the course exam and that the exam is mandatory.

Rosanna Fiorenza (info@travellinglanguages.com) is the person responsible for entering students for the required exam.

The record of grades received is available on request to students, INIS and relevant internal personnel and the relevant data protection permissions are agreed with students accordingly.

Complaints and grievances

If a student is unhappy with any part of the overall service provided by us, they have the right to access complaints policy and procedure.

  • Informal procedure: Depending on the nature of the complaint a student can:
    • Talk directly with the person concerned to resolve the problem.
    • Approach his/her teacher for assistance in resolving the problem.
    • If the problem is with the teacher then he/she can approach the Managing Director or Director of Studies and he/she will attempt to resolve the complaint before it becomes a formal procedure.
    • If the problem is still not resolved to his/her satisfaction the student must launch a formal written complaint or appeal.
  • Formal procedure: A student may make a formal complaint if the student is seriously dissatisfied with the result of the informal procedure.
    Here are the steps in which the student should take:
    • The student must put into writing, an explanation of the exact nature and reason for the complaint and present this to the Managing Director or Director of Studies . We will assist the student to write their complaint in English if needed.
    • The Managing Director or Director of Studies will keep a record of this document and provide the student with a likely timeframe in which an outcome can be achieved.
    • The Managing Director or Director of Studies may request a meeting between the student and the other members of staff involved. The student is not obliged to attend this meeting.
    • The students should receive a written statement of the outcome and the reasons for this decision within 10 working days of lodging the complaint.

Any disputes relating to services provided by Travelling Languages must be brought to the attention of Travelling Languages’ management while the complainant is in Ireland. Travelling Languages will not entertain complaints about services provided where these complaints were not reported to Travelling Languages at the time. Where necessary any legal disputes will be heard in the courts of the Republic of Ireland.

Learner Protection

If required the school has arrangements in place for the protection of students in the event that a programme ceases prematurely i.e. students will receive their learner protection insurance certificate when they enrol a long term course.
Student protection arrangements cover the period from when a student enrols on a programme until the time the student has successfully completed the programme and the end-of-programme exams.


We take great care with personal information that is provided to us online ensuring it is used only for stated purposes. We do not pass either your email address or personal details on to any third party. For more information about our Privacy Policy please click here.

Confirmation and Vouchers

It is your responsibility to check the confirmation and ensure that all of the details are correct. The course will only be provided in accordance with the details in the confirmation. You must present your booking confirmation details to the person who is picking you up at the airport upon arrival as they are proof of pre-payment.


We have taken all reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on Travelling Languages’ website, however it does not make any warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information within or accessible through the Travelling Languages’ site. Travelling Languages reserves the right at any time to revise, amend, alter or delete the information provided on this.

Photography and Filming

Group and individual photographs may be taken professionally for use in marketing materials (e.g. brochure, website) or regularly as part of the day-to-day life of Travelling Languages school for social media (e.g. Facebook) and blogs. Anyone wishing to opt out should inform the school in writing on arrival.


Travelling Languages holds insurance as required by Irish law. Travelling Languages does not provide travel insurance for students. Before arrival all persons participating in Travelling Languages courses should arrange their own insurance against all expenses that might arise due to accident, illness or loss of luggage, personal effects and money.


All students will be informed of Travelling Languages code of conduct and behavior at the commencement of all courses. Breaches of Travelling Languages rules of conduct will result in disciplinary action up to and including immediate expulsion for serious offences. If a student is expelled from Travelling Languages there will be no refund or credit under any circumstances.

Emergency Numbers

In case of emergency outside the school call +353 86 44 070 44.
In case of a Medical Emergency CALL 112 FOR Ambulance, Police, Fire.

Language and Governing Law

While we do our best possible to answer to all your queries in your mother tongue language, please be advised the official language accepted is English. Any dispute, controversy or claim, shall be governed by the law of Ireland and be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Dublin.