What Total Immersion Really Means!

How we make it?

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Even the most motivated of you can find it difficult to do everything in English!

Let’s see why:

  • Even if it is not you who will look for other people from your own country, it is normal to meet people who speak your language and be tempted to switch to your mother tongue…
  • Even if you run far away from everyone who wants to speak with you in your language, you will still THINK in your language to organise the rest of your day…
  • Even if you live with your teacher’s family, you will have loads of time for yourself and your brain will switch to the language it is used to think in…
  • You will talk to your family and friends in your free time… naturally in your own language!

How many hours of English in two weeks?

  • Travelling Languages
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You Learn more English with Travelling Languages

These are the reasons why we brought it to the next level to make it more effective for you!

  • Talk Jockeys

    There is always a Talk Jockey (TJ) with you who will make sure that everybody always speaks English only! - A TJ is a native English speaker who spends time with the students, tells them jokes, explains the slang and generally keeps them chatting in English all day, every day. There is always a minimum of 1 TJ to every 5 students, to make sure that the only language spoken is English and that all students integrate with the rest of the group, regardless of how many nationalities there are. Our TJ know what the programme is and they will join you immediately after you finish each lesson. In this way, you don’t need to think how to organise your day and you will have somebody who will constantly keep you engaged in conversation.

  • Teachers

    They travel with you, so that they can assist you with any language queries you may have both in and out of the classroom.

  • Travel

    You will be so busy and never bored that you will not have time to talk to your family often! And by the way, we will constantly discourage it during the travelling programme.

Travelling Languages is the best way to learn English!

  • Moving from town to town you get to meet and to talk to up to 25 different people (guides, pub owners, drivers, waiters, etc.) who with their different accents will help you to hone your listening skills.
  • Attending group lessons allows you to meet people from different countries and to practise in a relaxed multinational environment.
  • Every day you have something new to explore and to do, so that you get constantly exposed to real life situations and not only through a role play in class!
  • A task/project is given so that you can learn independently. This is a type of investigation into a place you visit while on your travelling programme. Students present their project to their class on the final day. This means not only do you learn to work on your own, but also everyone can share their knowledge and experiences on the last day of the course.

Speak like a native in no time.
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