According Cambridge examiners students of English have until 237 ways to write the word “because”! It is really common confuse  the verb “to miss” with “to lose” or “to waste”.

Its with it is.

Shade vs shadow.

Good vs well.

Enquiry vs inquiry

And it is very frequent write wrong the word coffee, just with one “e” or one “f”; the word business writing wrong bussines. And also the word address, with less “s” or “d”.

But if there is something that students find very difficult, they are prepositions. In English we have a lot for similar uses,  for example:

  • Let’s meet at the restaurant
  • Let’s meet on the street
  • Let’s meet in my house

Another mistake is to put “the” more than the necessary. Examples:

“The people like the music” (wrong) instead of  people like music. (correct)

“It´s time to go to the bed (wrong) instead of It’s time to go to bed (correct)

Here we show you a list with 50 mistakes so common in English. On the left in red colour the wrong sentence, and on the right side  in green, the correct. 

  1. You are very nice, as your mother.  ———->  You are very nice, like your mother.

  2.  She said me that she liked you.   ———-> She told me that she liked you.

  3. It is more hot now.  ———-> It’s hotter now.  

  4.  You can give me an information?  ———->  Can you give me some information?

  5. They cooked the dinner themself.  ———-> They cooked the dinner themselves.

  6. Me and Johnny live here.  ———-> Johnny and I live here.

  7. If I will be in London, I will contact to you.  ———-> If I am in London, I will contact you.

  8. We drive usually to home.   ———-> We usually drive home

  9. I go always to school by subway.  ———-> I always go to school by subway.

  10. You like dance with me?  ———-> Would you like to dance with me?

  11. I closed very quietly the door.  ———-> I closed the door very quietly.

  12. came Australia to study English.  ———-> I came to Australia to study English.

  13. My husband engineer. ———->  My husband is an engineer.

  14. have visited Niagara Falls last weekend———> visited Niagara Falls last weekend.

  15. The woman which work here is from Japan  ———-> The woman who works here is from Japan

  16. She’s married with a dentist.  ———-> She’s married to a dentist.

  17. She was boring in the class.  ———-> She was bored in the class.

  18. I must to call him immediately. ———->  I must call him immediately.

  19. Every students like the teacher. ———-> Every student likes the teacher.

  20. Although it was raining, but we had the picnic. —–> Although it was raining, we had the picnic.

  21.  I look forward to meet you.  ———-> I look forward to meeting you.

  22. I enjoyed from the movie. ———->  I enjoyed the movie.

  23. like very much ice cream.  ———-> I like ice cream very much.

  24. She can to drive.  ———-> She can drive.

  25. Where I can find a bank? ———->  Where can I find a bank?

  26. I live in United States. ———-> I live in the United States.

  27.  When I will arrive, I will call you. ———-> When I arrive, I will call you.

  28. I’ve been here since three months. ———-> I’ve been here for three months.

  29. My boyfriend has got a new work. -> My boyfriend has got a new job. (or just “has a new job”)

  30. She doesn’t listen me. ———-> She doesn’t listen to me.

  31. You speak English good. ———-> You speak English well.

  32.  The police is coming. ———-> The police are coming.

  33. The house isn’t enough big. ———-> The house isn’t big enough.

  34. You should not to smoke. ———-> You should not smoke.

  35.  Do you like a glass of wine?  ———-> Would you like a glass of wine?

  36. There is seven girls in the class.  ———-> There are seven girls in the class.

  37. I didn’t meet nobody. ———-> I didn’t meet anybody.

  38. My flight departs in 5:00 am. ———-> My flight departs at 5:00 am.

  39. I promise I call you next week.  ———-> I promise I’ll call you next week.

  40.  Where is post office? ———-> Where is the post office?

  41. Please explain me how improve my English. -> Please explain to me how to improve my English

  42. We studied during four hours. ———-> We studied for four hours.

  43.  Is ready my passport? ———-> Is my passport ready?

  44. You cannot buy all what you like! ———-> You cannot buy all that you like!

  45.  She is success———-> She is successful.

  46. My mother wanted that I be doctor.  ———-> My mother wanted me to be a doctor.

  47.  The life is hard!  ———-> Life is hard.

  48.  How many childrens you have?  ———-> How many children do you have?

  49. My brother has 10 years. ———-> My brother is 10 (years old).

  50.  I want eat now.  ———-> I want to eat now.

We are sure that you have made some of these mistakes at sometime.  If this is right, don´t worry about it. It is part of the learning! We hope this post helps you to realize and correct them. Remember that our English school on the road is open also in winter and until the next travel we will be waiting for you in Dublin. See you next week! Greetings from the team at Travelling Languages!