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17 Reason to study English in Dublin and visit Ireland

You have already decided to study English abroad, and now it is tricky to choose where?! Scotland, Ireland, USA? London, Manchester, Brighton, Dublin, Edinburgh, Bristol, Galway…? With so many options it’s hard to decide. As you know our school Travelling Languages is in Ireland. You’d think just for that we say that Dublin is the best place to learn English. But we also had to decide where to situate our school and compare countries and cities. Although we have thousands of reasons to be in this green island, we will try to summarize them for you. Here they are! 17!

1. Ireland is a safe and welcoming country. Workplace safety is essential. Ireland is a member country of the EU and also ranked No. 13 ranking of global peace index.

2. Euros are used! It´s easy to compare prices, buying with cash, to avoid paying commissions to pay by credit card … it’s a lot more comfortable. In fact the UK sterling usually increases prices without us even realizing.

3. VISA. European citizens don’t require a visa or even a passport to visit Ireland. It is enough to bring the DNI.

4. Young population. Ireland is the youngest country in the EU, where 40% of the population is under 25 and 21% of this segment is under 14 years. The country also hosts thousands of immigrants and Erasmus students, promoting the multicultural environment.

5. The accent isn’t that complex. The English spoken in Ireland is funnier than the British. The intonation is different, but that doesn’t mean it’s more difficult.

6. Hospitality and friendliness of the Irish. The fame of the Irish is friendly and people are good fun. They are usually more open to talk with strangers. They are always willing to help and have more patience with people who are learning the language.

7. Thousands of bars. The pubs are everywhere in the country of Guinness. One of the best things about Dublin is the nightlife and atmosphere of the pubs. There are excellent shelters to drink pints with Dubliners, listen to live music, meet people and chat for hours.

8. Live music wherever you go. The artistic and musical culture is present in every corner of the city. Dublin is the home of U2, who began playing at the legendary Temple Bar area. Sometimes it´s surprising that the artists you hear on the street aren’t signing disks in shopping centres.

9. 365 days of fun! Here there are festivals almost every weekend! In Ireland we can find an incredible diversity of this type of events: music, theatre, visual arts, dance, reading, poetry, circus, gastronomy, history, cinema … And the king of festivals par excellence, St. Patrick’s Day! The chance of getting bored in Dublin, simply doesn’t exist.

IMAGEN710. Spectacular landscapes. Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. If you like green meadows, the Atlantic waves resonating in the cliffs and beaches, small and picturesque villages where you can move at your own leisure and enjoy the warmth of a ruralized world, Ireland offers you the most beautiful places you have ever seen.

11. Castles of legends. Furthermore they were built in awesome places, the countless castles in the country are witnessing legendary battles, hidden secrets, mysteries ghost, stories of great dynasties and memories of great events in Irish history. They are of all kinds, sizes and ages.

12.  Vertigo cliffs. The Slieve League cliffs which are 600 meters high are the highest in Europe and they are in County Donegal. And not as high are the less spectacular the Cliffs of Moher in Galway, one of the main tourist attractions in Ireland included in all our travelling programmes.

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13. Paths between sheep. In Ireland you will not feel tired of walking if you like nature.  On a green meadow, the slope of the coast, along the road bordering a river or a lake. There are thousands of circular and linear well marked ways to “get lost” quietly in the nature.

14. Dublin, literary city. Parks and pubs, streets and museums, hidden stories and memories of the writers who were born here, lived or were inspired. Ireland is home to writers such as Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and Bernard Shaw, among others, as well as artists of universal fame as Francis Bacon.

15. Giant’s Causeway and its coast have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. It is situated on the northeast coast and of course the visit is included in our travelling programme “North Ireland and Connemara”

16. Know another cultures, other sports. Beyond football, here sports like rugby, hurling, Gaelic football attract crowds of fans. Furthermore, Dublin has one of the most impressive stadiums in Europe, called Aviva Stadium.

17. And the last reason to study English in Ireland is…. Travelling Languages! The only  languages school on the road. For all the reasons that we have explained, we believe that Ireland is an ideal place to learn English and because of that we are here. And what better way to learn the language, than to visit Ireland and immerse yourself in the culture with our travelling programmes? Think about it! We are waiting for you!

Greetings from the team at Travelling Languages.

…Your language school on the road.


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