What’s going on? CULTURE NIGHT 2014!

culture-night19th September 2014

Next Friday more than 36 regions, towns and cities around all Ireland will celebrate one of the biggest event ever, with live performances and much more as Ireland’s most popular cultural extravaganza returns for 2014.

There will be a great mix of FREE events for all ages and interests – from live music to interactive tours.
More than 900 venues will be open around the country, and also each county will showcase the very best of its cultural talents and creativity.symbol

Around 350,000 participants are expected for this night which shows national movement of exploration, experience and enjoyment.

An incredible number of cultural events will take place and there will be the possibility toof entering museums, galleries, cathedrals, studios, observatories, libraries, parks, government buildings and theatres in each corner of the country and they will be opened until late, to create an inimitable celebratory night-time atmosphere.

So if you’re looking for things to do in Dublin or indeed across Ireland, we definitely recommend you: Culture Night 2014!

Some tips:

1)    Download the Culture Night app in your smartphone (Here’s the link for Android users, and the link for iPhone users), or look in the city centre for the Culture Night guide.  You can use them to have a look at the programme of the night and create your personal programme for the night.

DublinBusRoute2)    During the night, there will be 4 complimentary buses, kindly provided by Dublin Bus. The lines A, B, C, and D are free but they have specific routes (that you can see in the pictures) and each one will depart every 20 minutes; the service starts at 6pm and the last bus leaves at 10:30pm, to be at the last venues at 11pm.

3)    Pick your top 5 favourites venues and go to them first. Make sure that the events you are interested in do not need to be booked in advance, otherwise if it is not necessary try to get there early! Some events will be very busy so try to get there on time if you really want to see them.

4)    Think outside of the box and don’t just go for the most obvious attractions. There are lots of museums, events, galleries, venues…everything is going to be open and FREE!2014-08-15_iri_2956418_I1

5)    There will be queue everywhere but you will be surprised at how quickly they move. We advise that you do not be stress about the queues.

6)    Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, bring a brolly, and do not panic if you cannot see all the venues: they will also be there the day after!

TBC0910CN06717)    Soak up the atmosphere! This night is a special one, it happens only once a year so make the most of your time in the queue, chatting to other people, maybe you can find new friends or thelove of your dreams. Sometimes, the unexpected bits are the best bits.

8)   Support the event!
Wherever you are during the night, if you share something on the social networkabout that night remember to tag #culturenight! It may not seem importantto you but it is very important to all the people who have worked behind this event and in the event as well.Festival-Slider1_26_635146678998713296


For any farther information check the official website:http://www.culturenight.ie/ 

We hope these tips will help you to organize your Culture Night 2014.
Our team will be around and we hope to meet you!


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