Travelling Languages takes a more intense approach to language teaching!

Travelling Languages is the first ‘travelling school’ in the world to offer a new and more exciting way to learn a foreign language while exploring the host country. Currently running English courses travelling throughout Ireland and Italian courses travelling throughout Sicily, Travelling Languages’ defines their unique way of teaching by ensuring ‘total immersion’, a method that encourages students to speak their chosen foreign language 24-7!

Traditional language schools falter by only teaching and communicating the chosen foreign language during class time, immediately after which, their students will meet other students or friends and quickly revert to their native tongue. This slows down a student’s capacity to reach fluency in the studied language.

A very different approach is used by Travelling Languages, that of total immersion in the studied language. Ensuring total immersion guarantees that you will practice your chosen foreign language 24-7!

Travelling Languages have created a new style of tutor, called a “Talker Jokey”, who will travel with you in order to keep you engaged in conversation to encourage fluency. A “TJ” is a student like you, with similar interests and similar age. He/she is native speaker of the language you are learning, who knows the local culture and will help you to immerse yourself in it. There will be always 1 “TJ” to every 5 students, to make sure that the only language spoken is the one you are learning.

One and two week courses are currently available both in Ireland and Italy. Courses offer twenty hours per week with a certified teacher, mornings are spent in the classroom while afternoons are spent travelling and exploring. A “trip of a lifetime” is offered while both learning and travelling with Travelling Languages. Exploring bustling cities, quaint towns, historic landmarks and fantastic countryside are all part of the experience. Visits to Museums, Art galleries and famous attractions are included in each package. The students will get to appreciate the local culture and history of the country that they are visiting and, of course, make new friends with locals and fellow students alike.