Top 15 APPs to travel and a little present for you…!

Hi guys! July is already here and with it, holidays of a lot of fortunate people!
Are you one of them? Have you already organised your trip?! GREAT!

We have a little present for you to help you preparing your luggage so you won’t forget anything! You can download it free here:
Hope you like it!

Not only that, today we will tell you some of the best apps that we recommend you for travelling wherever your destination!

1. TripAdvisor

11150189_10153271531306684_6662849076706009459_nIt is the community world’s largest travel site, where you can find information, tips and reviews of millions of people who will help you plan and make the perfect trip.
Thanks to all the information you can make decisions about where you want to stay, eat and enjoy, whatever is your destination.
You can check the top rated hotels, the ranking of best rated tourist attractions in each city, save hotels that you like, write reviews, view photos taken by users, and even see if your friends have been and reviewed a restaurant / hotel / attraction..
Highly recommended!
Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free) and Android (free)


It is a leading global travel search site, providing instant online comparisons for millions of flights on over a thousand airlines, as well as car hire and hotels. Skyscanner’s flexible search options mean you can browse prices across a whole month, or even a year, allowing you to get the best deals. You always book direct with the airline or travel agent, so you get the lowest price, with no extra fees added.
Do you have some days off and you don´t know where to travel? Select the dates, select everywhere as your destination and you´ll see which city is cheaper to fly!  Absolutely fantastic!

 ILoveWifi3.Wi-Fi Finder

When we travel, something that really frustrates us is not having internet connection to keep in touch with friends, share photos on facebook/instagram, or check our email. Wifi-finder is an iOS app that uses the iPhone, iPod and iPad and for Android phones and tablets with OS. Its presence in around 140 countries and its main function, as his name indicate, is to aid us to find the nearest public internet connection, so we can use our Wi-Fi to transmit everything that excites us without running the risk of using the network of our operator.


Not everyone can afford to stay at The Savoy every night, so thank heavens for this – a geo-tagged directory of 25,000 listings for budget hotels, right at your travel-weary fingertips. The app also provides access to over 3.5million user reviews, minimalising the likelihood of you signing up to a night in a flea-infested hell-pit.
Available on iPhone (free) and Android (free)


The closest thing most of us will ever have to a personal assistant, and a lot cheaper. All you have to do is forward your various confirmation emails for flights/hotels/hire cars/restaurant bookings etc. and the app instantly generates an itemised itinerary covering your entire trip. Better still, upgrade to the premium version and the app will keep you in the loop in real time, generating alerts to let you know when flights are delayed or gates change.
Available on iPhone (free) and Android (free)

6.XE Currency

Don’t bother paying up for one of the many currency conversion apps out there in the digital hinterland – this freebie is slick, easy to use, and – best of all, since it uses live currency rates – completely accurate. It’s been downloaded more than five million times to date, so don’t even think about hopping on a plane without it.
Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free)


Tired walking looking for a taxi? It’s over! This neat piece of software uses your phone’s GPS to make the taxis come to you – simply tap the big ‘pick me up’ button and one of the little taxi icons on the map will start heading towards you. Hailo can save your life if you are lost in the middle of nowhere, and you need someone to pick you up but you dont know where you are or how to explain in another language.
The Hailo taxis accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express and you can add the data in the Account section of the app. With a registered card you’ll never have to wait for the end of your trip. You can leave the taxi upon arrival at your destination and they will send a receipt by email.
Available on iPhone (free) and Android (free)

8. FourSquare

You don´t know where to go for dinner in the city that you are visiting, and you don´t want to end up like a tourist paying exorbitant prices. You want to go to a bar for a drink or a nightclub and don´t know where to go. Where can you go shopping?With this app you will find the places where the locals go. This database is created in an altruistic way, so if you are in your city or outside, don’t hesitate to upload your review about the places where you have been eating.

b9c81f1be8582202b5ea2bf72aac903b9. Lonely Planet

The quintessential guide! But why carry books, if you can take them all on your mobile?


The most popular hotel reservation portal, has an Android app of high quality. The app is available in 24 languages. With it we can see the best price guarantee,we can have the ability to cancel a reservation without paying any penalty or not having to print any bond with the reservation. Also we can check your reservation if you do not have internet connection. Easy, useful and reliable.

11. Triposo

One of the best guides. If you add still above which is free and works offline, then it is perfect! Depending on the country or city you are going to travel you have to download the extension that it is also free. The guide provides the history of the country / place / monuments, includes offline maps with GPS tracking, plus tells you the monuments, and tells you where to eat, where to go, tour companies, etc. There is the option to organize by the distance as you may be, alphabetically, or popularity. Other features include a currency converter. It is only available in English for the moment, but this is not a problem for you, is it?

travel-quote-blog-212. Google translate

You will know it for sure! The app version has 60 languages to translate. One disadvantage is that it needs to be connected to the Internet.

13.Google Goggles

Many times you are visiting a city and you want to know what building you’re looking at, or even in a museum there are paintings that are hung up behind the tourist group to which you can only see from afar. The purpose of the app is when you take a picture on your mobile and ig you are connected the internet, you will receive information quickly. Magic!

Because that is the purpose of this app, take it a picture with your mobile and if you are connected to the Internet quickly get the information. MAGIC!


travel-tripadvisorIt is an app that allows you to monitor not only flights but also, you can access information about lounges, airport maps, places with wi-fi, hours of shops and restaurants, free shop data and more. In addition, using the application, users can find travelers wishing to share a taxi or exchanging info on ways to travel to and from the airport. Only available on iphone at the moment.

15. Say Hi Translate

It is very easy to use just writing or saying what you want in your language by pressing the blue button, and the app will tell loudly in the desired language. While the other person can do the same by pressing the green button. This will facilitate a conversation between two people who do not speak the same language. Currently there is only available on Iphone and only in 32 languages.

Well…now you know a lot about apps for travelling! but..what? Don’t you know where are you going on holidays yet?!! Keep calm, no worries, we still have some places available for our Summer English trips around Ireland. But hurry up and contact us!!! We are waiting for you!

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