Now that you know what total immersion is (if you don’t, you can find information here), you are probably checking your schedule and find out how much time you have available to improve your English.

If the answers is two weeks, than it is the perfect length of time to allow your brain to “make the switch” and start thinking and dreaming in English, as it usually takes about 10 days!
Our 2 weeks total immersion programme is perfect if you are:
• An executive, manager or professional who needs to improve language skills in a limited period of time;
• A university student who wants to or needs to improve language skills for an exam, or needs to gain confidence in preparation for their work experience;
• A senior who wants a different language learning / cultural experience, away from the traditional classroom setting.
These are the benefits:
• Fastest learning through constant interaction with native speakers;
• You speak, listen and think in English all day long;
• Visits and after school activities allow you to practise in real life situations;
• It makes the most of your time: our expert teachers spend their time correcting your specific mistakes rather than teaching generically out of a textbook;
• You improve your confidence in speaking English and starting a conversation with a stranger is no longer a problem;
• You spend 32 hours in class and 176 hours practising English for a total of 208 hours of English only (assuming you will sleep 8 hours per night!).

    Southern & Western Ireland English Course

    14 Days

    You’ll be amazed by how much your fluency improves after this total immersion 2-week, intensive Travelling Programme. Meet the locals, learn about the culture, speak English every day and listen to stories ...

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