“Irish Whiskey! Not whisky!”

Apart from the famous black beer, Ireland boasts to have excellent whiskeys with a high quality and reputation that compete with the Scotch.

whiskey-fest_sqpo3uIrish say there isn´t any other whiskey like the Irish! In fact consumption takes place mainly within the country, exporting only 25%, although in recent years these exports have dramatically increased.

Whiskey to celebrate! Whiskey is usually taken slowly while chatting to friends! And even for a flu! Did you know it? A little warm whiskey (truth or legend) is the Irish remedy for your flu!

Irish whiskey has a triple distillation and this makes it pure and provides much smoother than Scotch whisky (double distillation) flavour. Passing three times the distillation process also has an impressive quality and higher alcohol content. The preparation of Irish whiskey is made from the obtained mash of cereals. This mixture is usually composed of malted barley and unmalted from rye, oats and wheat.


whiskey festYou will be interested to know that this week “Dublin Whiskey Fest!” is happening. Between the 16th until 21st February more than 20 places in the city will celebrate this event offering the best whiskey cocktails, Irish coffee, or any other special drink made with Irish whiskey!

57, The Headline; Against The Grain ; BarRustic; Bison Bar; Brasserie 66; Bull & Castle ; Coppinger Row; Delahunt; Diep Le Shaker; Ely, CHQ; Fade Street Social; Koh; Mary’s Bar and Hardware; Peruke & Periwig; Saba; The Blind Pig; The Liquor Rooms;The Palace BarThe Old Storehouse; The Stag’s Head; Tribeca; Ukiyo; Upstairs @ Kinara Kitchen ; Vintage Cocktail Club.

Get your wristband for just €5 in any of these bars and enjoy a 30% discount for your whiskey drinks!


irish_whiskey_museumIf you are a whiskey lover you cannot miss the Irish Whiskey Museum! It is located near the tourism office, in front of Trinity College. This fantastic museum gives you the opportunity to take a trip back in time to discover the history of Irish whiskey and some anecdotes. Our team at  Travelling Languages had the pleasure to do one of the guided tours, with multimedia and interactive explanations and a tasting of the best whiskeys at the end of the tour! We definitely recommend that you visit it!
During these days with the wristband you can enjoy a VIP tour of the standard tour price. Take the opportunity to try a stale whiskey matured for a minimum of five years, and get a souvenir to remember your visit! For more information: www.irishwhiskeymuseum.ie

Winter Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 18:00 pm | January & February
Normal Opening Hours: 09:00 am – 19:00 pm | March to December



The most famous Irish distillery is Bushmills Distillery, which is probably the oldest worldwide (operating since 1608). It is located in County Antrim (Northern Ireland), just one mile away from the spectacular Giants Causeway. It produces malt whiskeys as famous as the Black Bush, Bushmills and Bushmills Malt. Of course, both visits (Giants Causeway and distillery Bushmills) are included in our travelling programme “Northern Ireland and Connemara”.


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Another important distillery is Jameson Distillery. It is situated in the heart of Dublin, in the Smithfield area. It produces the famous Jameson whiskeys, standing out the Crested Ten and Jameson 1780 (matures in oak barrels for 12 long years). It opens every day of the week, from 9.00 to 6.00 pm, with guided visits in English. For more information: www.jamesonwhiskey.com

irish_coffee_And to conclude the topic, previously we told you the history of the Irish coffee, but we forgot to tell you the recipe. Here you have it!:

Recipe: Large cup wide mouth, 1 glass of whiskey, one American coffee (double water), 4 tablespoons latte black cane sugar and a splash of fresh cream. Preparation: Pour the sugar into the cup, add hot coffee, integrating also hot whiskey and stir well, then add the cream very cold very slowly so that it lands on the surface

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