Have you heard of Johnnie Fox´s?

 No, it isn’t a music Celta singer! Johnnie Fox´s is one of the older and most famous traditional Irish pubs! Also famed as the highest pub in the country.


It is located in Glencullen on top of the Dublin mountains, approximately 25-35 minutes driving from Dublin City centre. It is definitely   one of our most favourite restaurants and it deserves a visit if you come to Ireland!  You can get there by car, or by bus. There is a shuttle bus available daily which departs from city centre and brings you to the pub. It costs €10 per person. Find more information on this link:
Shuttle Bus Johnnie Fox´s


What makes it so special?
A mix of everything. Its traditional Irish music every day, its original and extravagant decoration, its delicious food, and its nice atmosphere in general!
 This picturesque pub doesn’t leave anyone disappointed!


Johnnie Fox´s offers live music every night, and also in the afternoon at weekends. It boasts to have the best bands and top dancing performances in the country. Check out the schedule to enjoy Johnnie Fox’s music:

-Monday to Thursday,  from 9:00 pm
-Fridays  from 9:30 pm
-Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30 pm until late!

If you want to attend an outstanding dancing show, don’t miss ‘Hooley Night’ on Saturday nights!


Hooley Night’s experience also includes  a four-course meal where you can savour their various award winning seafood dishes as well as their general cuisine.  (Take note, dinner usually starts to be served around 7.30pm, before the show) We would highly recommend you to book in advance. Here is a photo of one of the seafood dishes! It looks tasteful, doesn’t it?!  


Who has been in Johnnie Fox´s?

For this pub there have been many famous people around the world as important as ministers, presidents, actors, singers…They wanted to leave their souvenir photo. If you’re curious you can see them here:  www.jfp.ie/Famous-Visitors

This pub has something that makes it unique!
What about this little corner for tea and relax by the fireplace?


Or this cosy living room to eat and chat quietly with your family or friends…


It seems like a scene from a movie right? Ok, you have had enough pictures! It is better if  you see it yourself and enjoy an evening in the most Irish style. By the way, if you like mussels you should try them! The sauce is delicious! And the presentation …well, you will see it…

For more information, here is the official website of the restaurant: www.jfp.ie

If you want to see Johnnie Fox’s and the best places in Ireland while learning English, you know that we are waiting for you with open arms!

Greeting from the team, 
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