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English lessons in Dublin…let’s talk with Marco

marcoHi Marco, can you tell us something about yourself?

I’m 31 years old and I come from Italy, close to Rome. I’m passionate about art, especially from the medieval era – that’s what I studied at university – and I also published some texts about it. But unfortunately I overlooked English….then like everyone, I think, I want to travel and discover other cultures in order to broaden my horizons. Another passion I have is music, particularly new-wave.

Why did you choose Ireland?

Because I don’t like English people…just joking! No, because I really wanted to improve my English and at the same time I’m attracted by the incredible environment of Ireland, from the historical ruins to the landscapes. And also the tales of the Leprechauns.

Why did you choose Travelling Languages?

I had some friends who did a course there and they recommended it to me. Then when I wrote to ask for more info and I got to know Mario who works there and he’s been really helpful to me.

What kind of course are you doing?

The morning course, 20 hours a week.

What are the main differences that you noticed between your country and Ireland?

I think there’s more integration between foreign people and the locals than in Italy. I know, I just arrived 15 days ago but I have to say that I still can’t really tell one street from the other. They all the same!

What do you like about Dublin and what do you dislike?

First the people: they’re friendly and helpful with strangers. And Dublin seems to be a multicultural city with lots of places for all kinds of people. I noticed that the Irish don’t seemTEMPLE to be racist at all.  But I have to say that I don’t like so much the coffee here…I think I will soon buy an espressopot!

What’s your goal for the future?

I’m thinking of staying here for at least one year, find a job in Ireland in the arts sector and travel, travel, travel to discover places, people and more about myself.


Thanks a lot Marco and good luck for everything

Travelling Languages…Your language school on the road.

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