English in Dublin and internship…let’s talk with Elisabetta

Elisabetta 2Hi Elisabetta, tell us something about yourself…

I’m Elisabetta, I’m 27 years old and I come from Italy, where I’m studying naturopathy. I’ve always had a passion for travelling and, being really sociable, I don’t have any problems meeting new friends. I think that travelling is the best way to get to know different cultures and grow as a person. I’m also really curious: that’s why , even though my English at the beginning was basic , I decided not to be discouraged and went ahead studying and practising: that was the only chance to satisfy my curiosity.

What kind of course are you doing?

I’m doing a morning course and at the end of it, I will do an internship here in Dublin…

How long did you study English in Italy?

I didn’t go to university, so I studied English just at high school…but honestly I don’t have a good memory of it. Too much grammar and just a little conversation. When I arrived here for the first time, I couldn’ t understand anything. But Pancakenow things are getting better….

Why did you choose Ireland?

Actually I’ve chosen Ireland because I really wanted to improve my English. I also thought about going to London but then I realized that in London there are too many Italians, so Dublin became my first choice.

Why did you choose Travelling Languages?

Because I was looking for a small school in order to have a real relationship with teachers and staff. In this way it’s easier to practice English.  At the same time Travelling Languages offered me English tuition and internship and that was exactly what I was looking for.

paint phWhat are the main differences that you noticed between your country and Ireland?

Well, I really like Dublin, its parks and the fact that is really easy to find green zones even in the city centre. Here people seem really relaxed. But I have to say that in winter the weather is really cold, windy and rainy.

What’s your goal for the future?

I hope to find a position here in Dublin, because I like the city and now that my English has improved a bit, I think I can get a lot of job satisfaction…


Thanks a lot for everything and good luck Elisabetta!

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