Why Travelling Languages?
  • To practise more than 100 hours per week
  • To totally immerse yourself in the language and its culture
  • To discover a new country and its traditions
  • To improve your foreign language while Travelling
Why We Travel
  • To allow you to listen to different local accents, improving your listening skills
  • To allow you to immerse in the culture
  • To improve the interaction within the group
  • To bring 'live' material back into class
A Real Total Immersion
  • With our TJs
  • With our guides
  • With local people

  • In the language
  • In the local culture
  • In the local life

    The model that always guarantees you Total Immersion!


    o you know why Travelling Languages has introduced an innovative teaching model that puts together language lessons with a travel in the host country?

    Because by travelling, we can guarantee you have every day new material, new information, new experiences to keep you engaged in practising the foreign language you are learning! This combined method of teaching and travelling encourages you to improve your language skills and to speak your chosen foreign language 24-7!

    Have a look at the graph below to have a clearer picture of why Travelling Languages is different from traditional schools! With us, you will attend the same number of hours, however you will have many more opportunities to practice the language you want to learn… up to over 200 hours in a two week course!
    graph(We assume: 20h/w language tuition and that the students sleep 8h per night; on average a student joins a guided tour once per week while doing a traditional language course; on average a student stays home with the host family (native speakers) 2.5h/day.)