Virtual English Summer Camp 2020

Virtual English summer camp 2020

keep students busy all day

This fantastic programme will immerse students in the English language for one or two weeks, so they will feel entertained and their parents can be sure they are busy all day.


We have decided to build our own platform to have full control of the system and ensure only our students can access it.

easy to access for everyone

There is no need to download any software, just click on a button and you are in class!


Our tours are "remotely accessible" instead of just "virtual". This means your kids can feel as if they were in Ireland. You can also join them, if you like, as an "observer", so you'll visit Dublin and Ireland along with your kids.

Choose the right course

We suggest to buy the full two week programme so that your kid will be learning as much as if he was in a traditional summer camp in Ireland or in any English speaking environment. The two weeks can be separated and done anytime in the period 5th July – 13th September.

€ 429

one week programme

  • 15h Tuition
  • up to 21h Activities
  • up to 12h With a host family
  • 10% Charity donation

€ 847

two week programme

  • 30h Tuition
  • up to 42h Activities
  • up to 24h With a host family
  • 10% Charity Donation

Frequently asked questions

You can access the system with any browser and there is no need to download any app. You will receive username and password and once you login you just have to click on a button and you are in!

The course can be accessed via computer and via smartphone. The experience on the computer is normally better thanks to a bigger screen and the possibility to use all the features of our platform like the chat, the poll system and everything else. While we definitely suggest to use a laptop for lessons and activities, it is perfectly fine to access the family time with a smartphone.

Like in a real classroom, our teachers (and guides) have the possibility to “mute” a student and, as last option, to remove the student from the class. They also have an integrated system to send an “alert” to the parent of a student who is not engaging with the class so that their parents can intervene at home to ensure it won’t happen again.

Being a very innovative school helped us with thinking about the best way to provide our unique experience during this time when people are not allowed to travel. Our modern technologies, if used properly and paired with specifically designed material, are perfect to help us deliver a fantastic experience.  

We understand a lot of people believe 8h every day in front of a computer are too many and we agree if it is done every day and for a long time. However, this is a very specific intensive and immersive programme which is perfect to give teenagers a period where they are pushed to use English as much as possible, to ensure they can enjoy an experience very similar to an experience abroad. Moreover our type of activities during the day are very different so they will be completely suitable for students of that age. Also, they always have time in between classes to stretch their legs and all activities are completed before dinner time. 

If you have any other question please don’t hesitate to Contact Us

what people say

"I think this is the most balanced and complete online programme I have seen around. I definitely enrol my students here"
Language Consultant
"When I tried the touring experience it was like being there, walking with them! And I could also chat with my friends as if I were in Ireland"
French Student
"The only programme that allows me to see a city remotely and to talk to remote host families while I cannot travel due to Covid-19. I'm looking forward to it"
Spanish Student
"A course out of the ordinary. The best way to experience Ireland and meet new people from around the world while sitting at home! I can't ask for more."
Italian student