What is like to be an entrepreneur in Ireland? Let’s meet Roy

Roy is a web entrepreneur from Italy that decided to move here in Dublin to develop his company, with this interview we can learn more about Ireland work environment

Tell me something about your self

I’m Roy, I came here from the suburbs of Rome in Italy and I’m quite happy to be in Ireland honestly. It’s a beautiful city, I like its culture and food, don’t get me wrong but after 30 years of the same things, you get bored. Here I enjoy it’s green and colder weather.

How long have you been living in Ireland?

4 happy years.

What do you like about living in Ireland?
If you live here you aren’t overstressed.  Today to come here we pass by a river where we usually see a lot of ducks and it’s very soothing.  In Rome, a lot of green spaces are abandoned and it’s not safe for you to walk around.

What do you hate about it?

Tough question, the only thing I can say is that I don’t need to take a plane because I have everything I like here, except for mountains and a place to do scuba diving. Because I was a scuba diving instructor in Sardinia, and here there is no place for that.

 Was it difficult to adjust to the lifestyle here?

Well, I’m not really inside the standardized life here, the pub life is not my thing. We are almost completely out of that because we work a lot on this project so we don’t have a lot of time to go out, plus I’m a little bit of a gamer and I stay at home a lot.

Do you miss Italy?

I will not return to Italy, not even my ashes, my next trip planned for Italy is actually for a friend’s wedding and outside that, I will not return.

What does your company do?

Online advertisements, we deal mostly with the sale-purchase of online traffic.

Did you face some type of prejudice working in Ireland as a foreigner?

My surname is almost Irish and my name doesn’t sound Italian so other people know about my nationality after they talk with me and notice my accent. 

Why have you decided to move here?

Because in Italy the weather was too hot and also Rome is very polluted and because of that I had always a sore throat.

What is like to be an entrepreneur here?

One of the reasons, because I wanted to move out of Rome is that the tax burden is very heavy especially if you have a low income as a company so we decided to move somewhere else. Ireland is a good place to be an entrepreneur, especially  in the online market 

What are your goals for the future?

Ideally, my goal is to develop an electric jet engine and develop a system to control the climate. Could you imagine how much people would pay for a sunny day here in Ireland and you can resolve drought in sub-desert regions in Africa.